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Little Blake was rescued on August 12, 2012

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Metro Cat Rescue needs your help so that we can continue to help cats left to die in the streets.   We are DROWNING in bills for food, medical costs and supplies.   Donate at our GoFundMe Page or click on this Link for the Amazon Wish List. is the address for PayPal.  Checks can be sent to Metro Cat Rescue, Anthony Olszewski, 297 Griffith Street, Jersey City, NJ 07307.  Please DO contribute so that Metro Cat Rescue has the resources to be there to save abandoned kittens and cats.

Anthony Olszewski and friends have been saving kittens and cats for for many years. We intervene where a cat is about to die — like those abandoned to the cruel horrors of the street by heartless owners. We also care for kittens that shelters routinely kill for being “too much trouble” — like Little Blake with ringworm shown here. The Metro Cat Rescue Facebook Page shows just some of the many more cats and kittens that we rescued in only the last few years.

We are formally organized under the name Metro Cat Rescue as a not for profit.  All volunteer — receiving neither grants nor tax payer dollars — it’s only with community support that Metro Cat Rescue can save kittens and cats in need.

Our dream is to establish a facility to provide care for homeless kittens and cats with easily treated but contagious conditions — those innocents that now elsewhere regularly are made to die. Sadly, a lack of funds has kept Metro Cat Rescue’s goal on a distant horizon. Without the necessary resources, each day there are cats that we can’t help. Indeed, last summer, there was a dip in donations and adoptions. I would not let the cats go hungry, so I scraped by eating little more than bread, rice and beans myself.

Little Blake the Ouija Cat, is just one of our success stories.  On August 20, 2012.  she was rescued after being abandoned on Central Ave. near the post office.  Too weak to stand, the very young kitten was covered with fleas. She also had an eye infection, ear mites, ringworm and intestinal parasites.

Luckily, the tyke was small enough and the day was warm enough so that her entire body could be dipped in the bathroom sink. The fleas still on the head were carefully removed with a fine comb. And that was the easy part! The other conditions required considerable care and the application of medication.

Strength and confidence growing, Blake here had commandeered the recycling bin as her abode.

The second picture is from a couple of weeks later. Strength and confidence growing, Blake here had commandeered the recycling bin as her abode.

Just six months later, Blake has become a regal lady, as she still is today.

Just six months later, Blake has become a regal lady, as she still is today.

Little Blake is only one of the many cats that are happy and healthy today because of Metro Cat Rescue’s quick action.

Please do support Metro Cat Rescue! All too often I’ve had to spend my own grocery money to make sure that the cats are well fed. If Metro Cat Rescue had the resources for more space and basic equipment, there’s so much more that we could do. The donation of a used SUV or van would mean so much. With dependable transportation, we’d be able to save so many more kittens and cats.

It’s secure, quick and convenient to use the DONATE button at GoFundMe. If everyone reading this gave SOMETHING, we’d be well on the way to providing for suffering cats left to fend for themselves. There’s no such thing as a contribution that’s too small. Every bit — little or large — means a lot and makes a BIG difference!

It would be particularly wonderful if you chose to sustain the mission of Metro Cat Rescue by establishing a monthly donation through our PayPal account. The address to use is Any amount will be a huge help. Unfortunately, right now we have no idea what our funding will be next month — or even next week. Helping to make it possible for Metro Cat Rescue to plan for the future will mean so many more kittens and cats will be saved.

Metro Cat Rescue has resumed flea market fundraisers at 3396 Kennedy Blvd (near Griffith St.), Jersey City, 07307. Want to help? Do you have anything to donate that we can sell? Email or text 201-205-5390 some pictures of what you want to donate. Anything that we can sell even for $1 is great! Pots, pans, dishes, cups, cutlery, small appliances, good condition toys and games, house plants, comic books, graphic novels, exercise equipment, bicycles, fish tanks, tools, game consoles. . .
Old photos — particularly black and white — are good.
Unfortunately, computers and cell phones over 3 years old can’t be used. (Except for IBM PS2 computers.) CRT computer displays can’t be used. Shoes need to be new in the box. Clothes need to be new with tags. No stuffed toys unless new in the original packaging.


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Metro Cat Rescue

Metro Cat Rescue

Metro Cat Rescue saves kittens and cats from sickness, starvation and death in the streets. We intervene where a cat is about to die. Metro Cat Rescue also coordinates the volunteer care of many outdoor cats in a number of colonies.

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Metro Cat Rescue
Here's Little Kenny right after he was rescued in late December 2018. He had been left out in the cold street a few days after Christmas.* * *Metro Cat Rescue needs your help so that we can help kittens and cats in need. Please save these cats from suffering! Here's the Link to the Metro Cat Rescue GoFundMe Page to* * *Little Kenny had a horrible case of diarrhea when he was brought in in by a Metro Cat Rescue volunteer. In 2019, Kenny had a urinary blockage. The vet bill for Kenny alone was hundreds of dollars. Many other rescues have needed vet care.* * *Metro Cat Rescue your help NOW! Metro Cat Rescue has MANY THOUSANDS of dollars in vet bills! This was money that was budgeted for the winter's heating bills. PLEASE help us help by donating items for our flea market fundraisers. Do you have household items, small appliances, toys or anything else still in the box that you’re never going to use? Video and game DVDs and comics are great, too. Please consider donating these items. We urgently need to raise funds. Anything that we can sell or use as a promotion for crowdfunding will be GREATLY appreciated!We are also very happy to get old photos — snapshots -- especially black and white.We also can use these items:* Clear plastic storage containers with lids* Computers, cell phones or tablets less than four years old(Either working or non-working — Secure removal and erasure of data is performed on all devices.)Please email or TEXT (201-205-5390) a picture of what you'd like to donate to arrange a convenient time to drop things off. Pickup is a possibility for donations representing significant support.Thank you!Street.Cheap/ ... See MoreSee Less
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Metro Cat Rescue
Blake has been diagnosed with cancer. She has multiple tumors in the large intestine. Blake's attitude is still good. We are hoping that her condition does not worsen and that we at least have one more Christmas together. Here's the Link to donate to help Metro Cat Rescue help kittens and cats in ... See MoreSee Less
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Metro Cat Rescue
Sheer Terror are great friends of Metro Cat Rescue. Please do Share with anyone who might be interested.It's the last day of November and Coffee & Hardcore is bringing you one more treat for your Thanksgiving feast. On episode 11 C&H is very thankful to have Uncle Paulie from the one and only Sheer Terror on the podcast. Squint sent in a "KILLA" track off their new E.P. (they will be dropping by in December!). The fellas review the Up The Pups 2 coffee from Oak and Crow Coffee and Wiley talks about trying Ace Coffee. Up next is the album reviews and this month there are three amazing albums and E.P's from Inclination, Drug Church and No Cure. Hope you're not too stuffed from the Tofurky because here comes a big fat episode from Coffee & #sheerterrornyhc #coffeeandhardcorepodcast #hxc #hxcpunk #podcast ... See MoreSee Less
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Metro Cat Rescue
The same person attacking Lace on Race -- a not for profit based in California also has been harassing me since 2019. He threatened to interfere with Metro Cat Rescue's fundraising. Subsequently, Facebook suspended our ads. (It looks like they are going back up.)He's ignored a cease and desist letter. Is there an attorney who can help?Over the last year there have been tens of thousands of dollars in vet bills and many cats need medical care now. I am exhausted from caring for the cats late into the night all week long. Having to fight with someone who is nothing better than an Online vandal takes time that needs to be used for the cats. ... See MoreSee Less
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Metro Cat Rescue
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