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Little Blake was rescued on August 12, 2012

There are those that routinely kill sick kittens for being “too much trouble.” Indeed, at one shelter (so-called) workers dubbed a manager the “kitten Nazi” because she was so “fast with the needle.”

The dream of Metro Cat Rescue is to establish a facility to provide care for homeless kittens and cats with easily treated but contagious conditions — those innocents that now elsewhere regularly are made to die. Sadly, a lack of funds has kept Metro Cat Rescue’s goal on a distant horizon. Without the necessary resources, each day there are cats that we can’t help. Indeed, last summer, there was a dip in donations and adoptions. I would not let the cats go hungry, so I scraped by eating little more than bread, rice and beans myself.

Little Blake the Ouija Cat is just one of our success stories. She was rescued after being left on the sidewalk by a trash can near a post office. Too weak to stand, the very young kitten was covered with fleas. She also had an eye infection, ear mites, ringworm and intestinal parasites.

Luckily, the tyke was small enough and the day was warm enough so that her entire body could be dipped in the bathroom sink. The fleas still on the head were carefully removed with a fine comb. And that was the easy part! The other conditions required considerable care and the application of medication.

Blake now is a regal lady whose only worry is gaining weight and so losing her fine figure

Little Blake is only one of the many cats that are happy and healthy today because of Metro Cat Rescue’s quick action.

It’s quick and convenient to use the GoFundMe DONATE Link. If you’d like to support Metro Cat Rescue by contributing through PayPal, the address to use is It would be particularly wonderful if you chose to sustain the mission of Metro Cat Rescue by establishing a monthly donation through our PayPal account. Any amount will be a huge help. Unfortunately, right now we have no idea what our funding will be next month — or even next week. Helping to make it possible for Metro Cat Rescue to plan for the future will mean so many more kittens and cats will be saved.

If everyone reading this gave SOMETHING, we’d be well on the way to providing for suffering cats left to fend for themselves. THANK YOU!

Please do support Metro Cat Rescue! All too often I’ve had to spend my own grocery money to make sure that the cats were well fed. If Metro Cat Rescue had better facilities and a used SUV or van for transportation, there’s so much more that we could do.

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