Rescue cat remembers past lives!

Metro Cat Rescue found Meander the lost soul.

Meander was found weak and hungry, wandering the streets. The thought was that perhaps he was lost and so might be returned home. To determine where that was, we applied Age Regression Therapy. Unfortunately, Meander was too young then now to recall anything like clearly his original location.

When it seemed that the path back in time was blocked, an amazing breakthrough occurred: a veritable tsunami of memories of past lives. The feline consciousness flew to Warhol’s studio, from there to Hemingway’s house in Cuba, next Churchill’s study and then the Lincoln White House. As research continues, through Meander’s recollection, light — albeit a narrow beam — is shining on more and more distant events. We’ve just begun the documentation of his presence in Laketown at the time of the death of Smaug.

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