Your old computer can save a cat’s life!

Sy with computer -- Sy was one of six kittens Metro Cat Rescue saved from a one-way ride to the junkyard.

Your old computer can save a cat’s life! Donate computers, laptops, smart phones or tablets (five years old or less — working or not). Metro Cat Rescue will use these to raise much needed funds so that we can be there for kittens and cats in need. Secure data removal is performed on all donated electronics.

For more information, please email

The cat’s name is Sy. He was one of the six kittens that were in an old car about to be towed away to the junkyard. Metro Cat Rescue save the babies and their pretty mom.

Metro Cat Rescue gets many requests to assist with sick kittens and cats. The tragic reality is that we just don’t have the money. Please help!
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Take a look at the Photos here on the Metro Cat Rescue Facebook Page and you’ll see just some of the many cats that we’ve helped.

The dream of Metro Cat Rescue is to establish a facility to provide care for homeless kittens and cats with easily treated but contagious conditions — those innocents that now elsewhere regularly are made to die. Sadly, a lack of funds has kept Metro Cat Rescue’s goal on a distant horizon. Without the necessary resources, each day there are cats that we can’t help. Indeed, last summer, there was a dip in donations and adoptions. I would not let the cats go hungry, so I scraped by eating little more than bread, rice and beans myself.

Metro Cat Rescue needs your help! We are DROWNING in bills for food, medical costs and supplies. Click on the Link to DONATE. If everyone reading this gave SOMETHING, we’d be well on the way to providing for suffering cats left to fend for themselves. THANK YOU!

Giving any amount will be a huge help. Unfortunately, right now we have no idea what our funding will be next month — or even next week. Helping to make it possible for Metro Cat Rescue to plan for the future will mean so many more kittens and cats will be saved.

Please do support Metro Cat Rescue! All too often I’ve had to spend my own grocery money to make sure that the cats were well fed. If Metro Cat Rescue had better facilities and a used SUV or van for transportation, there’s so much more that we could do. is the address to use to donate through PayPal.

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