Metro Cat Rescue more popular than Joe Piscopo on Facebook!

Metro Cat Rescue saved this kitten from the cold street.

Metro Cat Rescue

Metro Cat Rescue has more Facebook Likes than Joe Piscopo, 6,226 to 3,793.

Metro Cat Rescue’s Anthony Olszewski – former bartender, former exterminator, lifelong resident of Jersey City and current member of Mensa — was asked to comment:
“I was surprised and humbled to learn that the Facebook audience finds Metro Cat Rescue’s pictures and stories of saved kittens and cats more interesting than Joe Piscopo. Piscopo – star of stage, screen, tube and speaker, ambassador of New Jersey culture and possible candidate for statewide office – has a 50,000 watt radio transmitter to let people know that he’s there. All I’ve got is a storefront on a side street in Jersey City!”

And the Metro Cat Rescue Facebook 6,226 Likes paw print is bigger than that of other radio celebrities, too. There’s Frank Morano (2,394), the 50,000 watt behemoth radio stations AM 970 (3,577) and WOR 710 (6,152), Gotti Family fan (NOT!) Curtis and attorney avec pony tail Kuby (6039), and even “One of America’s most listened to Radio/TV personalities, heard by over 16 million radio listeners a month” Mark Simone (5,868).
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Anthony Olszewski and friends established Metro Cat Rescue to save kittens and cats — like those abandoned to the cruel horrors of the street by heartless owners. Metro Cat Rescue also cares for kittens that shelters routinely kill for being “too much trouble”. The dream is to establish a facility to provide care for homeless kittens and cats with easily treated but contagious conditions — those innocents that now elsewhere regularly are made to die.

The Web Site is

Metro Cat Rescue 6226

Joe Piscopo 3793

Curtis and Kuby 6039

Frank Morano 2394

AM970 3577

wor710 6152

Mark Simone 5,868

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