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The Metro Cat Rescue volunteers try to care for community cats in back yards.

The Metro Cat Rescue volunteers try to care for community cats in back yards. There, they can install shelters and provide dishes for the food as well as the water. Also, away from the street, the congregating cats are not obvious. This makes it less likely that heartless people will abandon house cats. Having the neighborhood cats in a protected space reduces the risk of abuse and cruelty.

When there is no access to private property, then dishes are not used for the food. This helps to keep unfriendly people nearby from being aware of the cats. Only the amount dry food that will be quickly consumed is placed on the sidewalk or behind fences. Water bowls are hidden in places that cats will see but that won’t be obvious to people.

The cats are now fed just before dawn. Our volunteers were going out earlier, but raccoons showed up in the dark. The masked marauders chased away the cats and ate all of the food.
Cat feeders have had to deal with people out early walking large and aggressive dogs that the owners either were unwilling or unable to control.
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Metro Cat Rescue coordinates the volunteer care of many outdoor cats in a number of colonies. We’re working hard to bring some inside to socialize and to place in good homes. This takes lots of time, space and money.

Our day with the rescue cats starts at 6am and ends at 8pm. Volunteer feeding of community cats is at dawn.

Metro Cat Rescue needs your help so that we can continue to help cats living in the streets. It’s quick and convenient to DONATE. Just click on the Link above to our GoFundMe Page If everyone reading this gave SOMETHING, we’d be well on the way to providing for suffering cats who have to fend for themselves. THANK YOU!

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