Neighborhood cat backyard breakfast

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Neighborhood cat backyard breakfast

One of the breakfast regulars, this tortie uses a volunteer’s backyard installation.

In secure locations, dishes are provided. For the cats fed in front yards or the sidewalk, just enough dry food that the cats will eat is placed on the ground. This is to keep the ill-intentioned from knowing that cat feeding is taking place there.
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Metro Cat Rescue coordinates the volunteer care of many outdoor cats in a number of colonies. We’re working hard to bring some inside to socialize and to place in good homes. This takes lots of time, space and money.

Our day with the rescue cats starts at 6am and ends at 8pm. Volunteer feeding of community cats is at dawn.

Metro Cat Rescue needs your help so that we can continue to help cats living in the streets. It’s quick and convenient to DONATE. Just click on the Link above to our GoFundMe Page If everyone reading this gave SOMETHING, we’d be well on the way to providing for suffering cats who have to fend for themselves. THANK YOU!

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