Amazon failed deliveries threatens to take food from starving cats.

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If anyone tried to donate gifts to Metro Cat Rescue, but had their orders returned, thank you very much for trying to help our little crew. Please do consider lodging a complaint with Amazon. Because of the many failed deliveries, Amazon has created a big problem for the kittens and cats that we help. Food is running very low.

Amazon’s private carrier — SAME DAY DELIVERY — either is not attempting delivery or is arriving after normal business hours. I’ve no idea what Amazon is thinking. This is a lot of trouble for us, a waste of time and irritation for those good and generous people helping us and a waste of money for Amazon.

SAME DAY DELIVERY showed up a number of times over the last couple of days after 6pm. They see that it’s closed, but go back the next day later instead of earlier. This has been a big problem for months, but has gotten much worse. They’ve failed to deliver many things this week.

I was on chat for an hour last night with Amazon Help. They were telling me that it needs to be explained to SAME DAY DELIVERY that this is a business address and deliveries need to be made during business hours. How I’m supposed to explain anything to them, I don’t know. When I see drivers, I tell them, but it’s always someone different and SAME DAY DELIVERY does not have an email. Also, they see that it’s a storefront, and note BUSINESS CLOSED, but keep going back later and later.

The shipping/postal address is Anthony Olszewski,, 297 Griffith St. Jersey City, NJ 07307. Deliveries are accepted by the barber on the corner of Kennedy from 8AM to 5:30PM. The corner of Kennedy and Griffith is the same building. That door is about 20 feet away from the door with the sign. There’s an 8.5 X 11 sheet on the door of 297 directing deliveries to the barber shop. He’s the landlord and accepts deliveries for the whole building.

For many years, we’ve gotten loads of things from Amazon delivered by UPS, Fedex and USPS — almost always without a problem. Why Amazon is hurting us by using SAME DAY DELIVERY that’s sending everything back, I don’t know.
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Metro Cat Rescue coordinates the volunteer care of many outdoor cats in a number of colonies. We’re working hard to bring some inside to socialize and to place in good homes. This takes lots of time, space and money.

Our day with the rescue cats starts at 6am and ends at 8pm. Volunteer feeding of community cats is at dawn.

Metro Cat Rescue needs your help so that we can continue to help cats living in the streets. It’s quick and convenient to DONATE. Just click on the Link above to our GoFundMe Page If everyone reading this gave SOMETHING, we’d be well on the way to providing for suffering cats who have to fend for themselves. THANK YOU!

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