The New Yorker article by Jonathan Franzen on community cats

The New Yorker article by Jonathan Franzen on community cats contains distortions and factual errors. Here are a few of the worst:

“Recently I found a squirrel with its limbs torn off and guts hanging out in my back yard.”
This must have been an extremely small squirrel and/or an extremely large cat. I’ve seen many squirrels in areas where community cats are cared for. I’ve never noticed a cat hunting or expressing any interest in a squirrel. I have observed shredded squirrel parts out in the open under a place where a hawk could roost.

“A more widespread threat is toxoplasmosis, which is caused by a parasite that cannot reproduce without cats, ….”
Toxoplasma gondii reproduces asexually in any warm blooded animal. Infection in people is generally due to the consumption of undercooked meat.

“In the past fifty years, their [birds] base population has fallen by thirty per cent, from an estimated ten billion in 1970….The greatest of these threats are … a non-native predatory species, cats.”
Cats have been here since the time of the Pilgrims. The collapse in the number of birds has happened over the course of some decades. This is in step with the acceleration of climate change. The insects and other small arthropods that many birds eat and/or feed their young are also disappearing. Rats and mice are a problem in cities. In the suburbs and rural areas deer mice that carry the ticks spreading Lyme Disease are widespread. The cats are not bothering the rodents, but they are exterminating birds? Really? There are less and less birds all over the world. Cats are a global threat? Really?

# # #
A body of junk science has compiled “facts” that are not true fermented by interpretations that are skewed. (This is so obvious one has to wonder if the the supposed researchers are actually intentional propagandists, twisting reality to support some preconceived notion? Or is their cognitive processing burdened by a Freudian complex? Cats as a symbol of freedom activating repressed material?)

Then along can come Jonathan Franzen to slice and dice the supposedly scientific garbage and serve it up with a sauce of his own tunnel vision observations. A “cheerful plenitude” of malarkey indeed. And by the way — are The New Yorker editors inept? Or was Franzen’s copy believed to be in the same league as Shakespeare’s and so immune from red ink?

Dan Werner and his baseless accusations against Metro Cat Rescue.

Dan Werner has been harassing me Online since 2019. He has also been hurting others. Dan Werner has been similarly attacking an African - American woman in San Diego who runs a race relations organization.

Dan Werner has been waging an Online campaign of vilification against me, Jersey City Free Books and Metro Cat Rescue. I never heard of him until he started posting reviews with false accusations.

Dan Werner has never met me, has never been to Jersey City Free Books and has had no interaction with Metro Cat Rescue.

The ridiculous reason for Dan Werner’s rage against me is the policy of Jersey City Free Books — a resource for students and serious readers — of discouraging the donation of Mysteries, Thrillers, Romances, Self Help and Celebrity Biography.

Dan Werner posted on Facebook asking people to send rumors about me. It might be that someone has sent him lies and they and Dan Werner think that that can be spread with impunity. Dan Werner is not a reporter and sending him lies is not acting as a confidential source. I will warn anyone feeding Dan Werner falsehoods to remember he can be ordered by a court to reveal your name.

Not only am I not supporting myself by Metro Cat Rescue, I’ve all but gone into bankruptcy from caring for the cats. I’ve sustained a poor diet for myself so that the cats could eat well. I was frequently bed ridden with pain from years of poor nutrition until a relative sent me a couple of bottles of vitamins. I was wearing shoes that were falling apart until the same relative sent me a new pair. A great friend to Metro Cat Rescue was buying a new SUV. Their original vehicle with many miles had virtually no trade in value. They gave that old Lexus to us. I had a relatively new, low mileage Honda Civic. I sold that to pay bills. Unfortunately, the SUV does not fit in the garage, so now there’s monthly $200 parking, yet another bill that has to be paid. During Tropical Storm Ida, I was on the road because a cat needed emergency surgery. A side view mirror was damaged when a splash hit the car after encountering flood water at 40 miles an hour. I’ve not had the money to get that mirror fixed. The accusation of profiting from helping cats is not just a lie, but a bizarre, vicious, and obvious lie.

Dan Werner had also texted me suggesting that I seek out a therapist. He’s posted suggestions of mental illness concerning me.

Unwilling or unable to do anything positive himself, the vandal defaces what others have built. Dan Werner has been harassing me Online since 2019. He has also been hurting others. Dan Werner has been similarly attacking an African – American woman in San Diego who runs a race relations organization.

“… when Mr. Dan Werner came into our metaphorical living room, much like last year, lobbing perjoratives (sic) and threats, just like last year, attempting to pipe bomb the windows and smear feces on the wall.”

Lace on Race in a Facebook post discusses Dan Werner's Attacks.